In the next part of our series describing Why We’re Different, we look at the history, treatment experience and healing heritage of our centre, which was originally founded in 1979 by Mr. Yap Chan Kor. Since then, countless thousands of patients have walked through our treatment doors, many of which were in serious chronic pain feeling hopeless about their recovery when they first came.

Our first clinic was founded 35 years ago, but our treatment heritage and experience goes back another 50 years in Malaysia, and centuries more before that in China. We’ll talk about the Malaysian heritage part in this post, leaving the story about China for a later post in this blog.

The story in Malaysia starts in the 1930s when Mr. Yap’s father came from northern China to spread Northern Shaolin kung fu through the Chin Woo martial arts association. He was a grandmaster of kung fu and came from a line of martial arts grandmasters, including his uncle who trained with the monks in the Shaolin Temple. What is interesting, and was also popularised in the Jet Li movies “Once Upon A Time In China”, is that the best grandmasters or “sifus” as they were known,  also had access to healing knowledge. Hence it was natural for him to also set up a clinic in the martial arts association he taught at, to treat initially his injured students, and later their friends and family members.


Original Shaolin Temple

Original Shaolin Temple


Mr. Yap’s father treatment experience touched thousands of families, including the King of Malaysia and other notables during his career. He worked hard for the 50 years he was in Malaysia, in various jobs as a Physical Education teacher, a martial arts instructor, and a healer. In 1979 he passed away from cancer but left a legacy that was taken over by his son.

Mr. Yap set up the first YAPCHANKOR treatment centre along Old Klang Road in Kuala Lumpur. It was called “Tabib Yap Chan Kor” in those early days, and the practice was managed by Mr. Yap and his wife, who would prepare the medicine while Mr. Yap treated the patients. Things were pretty much unchanged for over 30 years, and during this time, Tabib Yap Chan Kor’s patient base grew only by word of mouth recommendations to tens of thousands of cases.

It was a remarkable period for anyone who was a close observer of the progress of the patients at the centre. Here was this nondescript treatment centre that was able to help patients who the best doctors in Malaysia could not. The happiness that patients showed when their problems were resolved was infectious, some of whom had really lost hope of living with a decent quality of life. There was the case of the parents whose daughter could not walk with both feet firmly on the ground, who was told that this was the life the daughter had to lead by her doctor, but who saw their daughter walk normally again after the treatment at our centre. There was the case of a young car accident victim who was completely immobilised in bed from pain, and who Mr. Yap visited at her home and slipped the medicine patches under her back. She remarkably recovered fully and is now leading a normal life with her own family.

These are just a couple of the thousands of cases in the treatment experience of the single centre along Old Klang Road.

Beginning in 2012, a renaissance of sorts occurred, changing the way the treatment had been done. Modern medicine techniques were brought to bear to improve the recovery and healing process for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain. Our centres became known as “YAPCHANKOR Pain Treatment Centre”. Today, trained physiotherapists accomplish far better results than on their own with the use of the unique proprietary medicine that was developed all those centuries ago in ancient China.