The time-tested medicine we use at YAPCHANKOR started in ancient China almost 2000 years ago. This was the beginning of martial arts. Chinese medicine was already in its early stages of development, using the molecular riches of the plant kingdom. Unlike the clinical trials used by pharmaceutical companies to develop modern drugs, ancient Chinese physicians tested formulas for various herbs and plant products in trial and error experiments on large numbers of people and over long periods of time. These large-scale experiments are almost impossible to be repeated today, but they produced much life-saving information and medicine.

We at YAPCHANKOR benefited from the efforts of our ingenious ancestors.  Our medicines come directly from our founders’ martial arts ancestors, including one who trained at the famed Shaolin Temple in the 1800s. Our treatment was brought over to Malaya in the 1930s by Yap Shu Shen, who was the grandmaster at the Chin Woo Martial Arts Association in Kuala Lumpur.

Our proprietary formulas contain over 30 different imported Chinese herbs, all drawn from the extensive Chinese Pharmacopoeia. These herbs are processed and made into customised topical patches that are applied directly onto the injury. The result is a natural, painless and non-surgical alternative treatment for pain.

Even better, we combine these time-tested medicines with modern protocols for assessing, diagnosing and treating patients with muscle joint problems like chronic back pain, knee pain, frozen shoulders, golf and sports injuries. Objective measurements of recovery is important to us and our certified physiotherapists are constantly measuring improvements in function and pain levels for our patients.


YAPCHANKOR | Muscle and Joint Pain Treatment Centre Malaysia

Innovative pain treatment using modern physiotherapy protocols together with proprietary, natural, non-invasive Chinese medicine that targets the root cause of muscle and joint problems like back pain, chiropractor, knee pain, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulders, ankle sprains and sports injuries.

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