Y LAB by YAPCHANKOR | Healthcare Franchise in Singapore & Indonesia

Y LAB by YAPCHANKOR | Healthcare Franchise in Singapore & Indonesia


Y LAB by YAPCHANKOR is a healthcare franchise brand created especially for the overseas market to link the strong healthcare record and heritage of the YAPCHANKOR brand to the more modern treatment protocols that will be used at the Y LAB centres. The goal of these centres is still the same – to provide the best, long-lasting treatment for pain by focusing on the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Just like YAPCHANKOR treatment centres in Malaysia, Y LAB by YAPCHANKOR will provide comprehensive pain and rehabilitation treatment to people suffering from muscle and joint problems, employing the time-tested and proprietary YAPCHANKOR medicine together with modern physiotherapy.

Over 35 years, we have proven our effectiveness in the Malaysian market and are now looking to establish pain treatment centres in Singapore, Indonesia, and other parts of Southeast Asia. We believe that there is huge growth potential for our unique treatment in these countries, as the market for pain treatment is highly fragmented with solutions that lesser results.

We are looking for passionate people looking to own a business and healthcare franchise that can make a real difference in peoples’ lives. One great thing about our business is that, as an owner or operator, you can really feel the difference you make when you help someone recover from pain – people who couldn’t work before can go back to making a livelihood for their family; people who couldn’t play sports now go back to playing; people who couldn’t climb stairs without feeling intense pain, now can climb without pain. Owning a healthcare business is not just about making good returns, but also about making a real difference to peoples’ lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about Y LAB healthcare franchise opportunities in your country, please contact:

David Ho, Peter Tan
Address : 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-04,
Singapore 598120

Tel : +65 6465 1418 /  +65 9798 8542 (David) / +65 9226 8003 (Peter)
Fax : +65 6469 6455
E-Mail: david@efg.sg 

YAPCHANKOR | Muscle and Joint Pain Treatment Centre Malaysia

Innovative pain treatment using modern physiotherapy protocols together with proprietary, natural, non-invasive Chinese medicine that targets the root cause of muscle and joint problems like back pain, chiropractor, knee pain, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulders, ankle sprains and sports injuries.

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