Ever since our establishment in 1979, we have had a special focus on treating patients with the most chronic and severe musculoskeletal problems. It goes without saying that simple ankle sprains, new sports injuries or acute mechanical back pain are relatively simple cases for us to treat. The more interesting cases for us at YAPCHANKOR, those that test us the most, are the cases where the patients have suffered from the pain for months, and have tried everything under the sun – from mainstream treatments to alternative therapies. Some challenge us to help them walk again, others to help us remove the numbness that travels down their arms or legs from a muscle injury.


It is important for patients to understand that not all pain has a musculoskeletal cause (i.e. related to the muscular and skeletal systems in the human body that allows us to move and be active). Some pain and numbness are due to autoimmune conditions (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis), or neurological conditions. But when pain or numbness comes from a problem in the soft tissues related to the muscle and joint system, then there is a high chance that we can help the patient.

A current patient we are treating will help illustrate these special cases. M is a 45 year old man who works as a store keeper. He was stocking some heavy machinery on a shelf when one fell off. With his right arm he tried to prevent it from falling and in the process injured his shoulder joint severely. His labrum, a soft fibrous tissue rim around the shoulder socket, was torn.

In the immediate aftermath, he suffered from a lot of pain but thinking that it was something that would go away on its own, he did nothing for two weeks. But the pain wasn’t going away. In fact it was unbearable, and affecting his sleep. After an MRI confirmed the labrum tear, he was given painkillers and physiotherapy at a local hospital. M only did 2 sessions of physiotherapy before he decided that it wasn’t helping. He then sought other alternatives, and came upon YAPCHANKOR.

About 3 weeks after his injury, he visited us. He reported unbearable pain of 8 to 9 on a scale of 10 (the VAS pain scale), and limited range of motion – his arm could not go beyond 35 degrees. He was moody and hadn’t been sleeping well. We recommended a 21 session treatment plan, and applied _ patches of our proprietary medicine around his injured shoulder. In the initial sessions, our therapists used some light massage, applied ultrasound and muscle stimulators, and most importantly the patches, which he kept on overnight. His pain level went to 6/10 after 3 sessions. By the 6th session, the pain was now at 5 and his range of motion improved to 85 degrees. He was finally sleeping again. After the 8th session, his pain was now at a very bearable 3/10 and his range improved to 120 degrees. Today he is at his 17th session at his range is almost back to normal (around 160 degrees).

M is very happy with the treatment progress and his wife, who works at a local hospital has been referring serious chronic cases to us. Which is great, and exactly what we exist to do. Everyone at YAPCHANKOR loves hearing stories like M’s. We know that we make a big difference in the lives of these severe chronic pain sufferers.